Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's cold; the layers have melted away.
It's exposed, raw, aching.

There's nothing left to shelter the pain.

It was snowing just last night,
It felt like home, and now
It is grey.

It felt like something worthwhile,
It was hard to take it in;
It's useless.

It's over now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


long time no blog again....but then IS summer :D:D


here is the video of the final round of werewolf we played on tuesday....were everyone felt like killing Malcolm, but which was I have to admit, very well played. Achie looks verrry confused lol.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just wrote a blog, which I was relatively pleased with and what have you, when I highlight all the text to justify it before uploading (because nooooo way am I uploading unjustified text) and vanishes.
today is turning out NOT to be my day....I burnt my laptop's power supply, exploded my mum's kenwood...and now this.
i'm off to bed

Monday, May 18, 2009

role playyyy

Hello all,

I'm in a super happy mood at the moment because
a) I actually managed to study today annnd
b) my 4 thesis copies are printed, and are cvurrently lying in my car awaiting binding tomorrow. It currently feels so good to say: The End:D

as promised Nic. Mar and Amaira, here's part 1 of our little role play game. Basically, our Sunday evening was spent firstly at Mc Cafe....having a good old laugh like only we are capable of, followed by greeting Chiara at the airport (that was a coincidence though...ish), after which we proceeded for a ride and stopped next to the chapel of.....? (xjisima nic)...and decided to play the following game. We basically created an impromtu tale...and acted it out, taking photos of every stage. Unfortunately though, my camera's batteries died out before I could actually feature properly but never fear, part 2 will come ....eventually....or maybe it won't, whatever.

The plot in brief, is the proposal and wedding of Nicolette and Karl (all together now......HA HA HA), celebrated by Maria (viva n nies qassisin), with me as the evil bridesmaid who is plotting to steal Karl away......sad I know:P

I'm only uploading one video here since there are so many photos...ill eventually upload the photos somewhere....unless nic kills me first...

but dont kill me too young to die



Thursday, May 14, 2009

the end

So I'm sitting here in room 101 with jess and romina.....I'm re-reading thesis one last time and editing again and again....I've decided this will be my last thesis day and I'll print it tomorrow or Monday and hand it in. ehhh that feels quite good

Also, I've just got back from my 8-10am lecture...or should I say my last ever 8-10am lecture, at least for this course. It feels good too...but in a way it kinda feels sad. After 3 years of going to lectures and skiving many of them you get into a routine...and I'm gonna miss that. Who knows....maybe I'll be back for another course next year....I'm not ready to join the workforce just yet.


insomma back to work

good day to allll


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Apparently blogspot will be out tomorrow at some point, so I thought it best to write something now, since I'm bound to regret it tomorrow then.

First things first: this post will not be remotely interesting or intelligent like the number of surprising intellectual blogs I've read in the last few days (:P....who know who you are).

2. I finished my thesis....completely ie...with the conclusion, and the editing  and just finishing off my bibliography as we speak whilst watching the eurovision, and that's it...I meet my tutor tomorrow...and give it in Friday week. wohoooo

3. Eurovision....well yes, I'm not usually a eurovision person, but the fact that I'm not with Amaira droning on and on about the thing actually made me wanna watch it....and deep deep down down, I do want Chiara to pass...and Win....ehh 

4. I changed by blog background to reflect my current mood and my current favourite I am not a pink person anymore

5. Studying in the fresh air is a good idea and very healthy.....studying in the sun all day long is not, as it will make you totally red and burnt and wil make it very difficult for you to continue studying. Studying photos below....

enough said for now...results are coming out....gluck chiaraaaaaa

Sadattant results are out.....gooooooooooooooo chiaraaaa:):):)


Friday, May 8, 2009

of bad days with a far better ending....

Today was not a good day.....

apart from my disastrous 'meeting' with my tutor, losing my new Tony Blair book, and fighting with one of my greatest friends, I spent most of the day either crying, or wanting to cry, or just wanting to give up on life in general.

But there's the positive in the negative's in times like these that you realise who your true friends really are.....I was so moved...the positive words and especially with the attempts to make me smile or laugh throughout the day....I really appreciated them all.  And now I'm just back from the Marana'tha healing service at Naxxar.....I had never been to one before, and I was initally a bit apprehensive, but at the end I actually enjoyed was a very positive experience. tks Sim:)

Note to self: in times of trouble, must remember that there's a lot of good out there somewhere....and as Ger told me, 'you only have one bad day at a time, and this one is soon about to end' :D