Thursday, May 14, 2009

the end

So I'm sitting here in room 101 with jess and romina.....I'm re-reading thesis one last time and editing again and again....I've decided this will be my last thesis day and I'll print it tomorrow or Monday and hand it in. ehhh that feels quite good

Also, I've just got back from my 8-10am lecture...or should I say my last ever 8-10am lecture, at least for this course. It feels good too...but in a way it kinda feels sad. After 3 years of going to lectures and skiving many of them you get into a routine...and I'm gonna miss that. Who knows....maybe I'll be back for another course next year....I'm not ready to join the workforce just yet.


insomma back to work

good day to allll



Simon said...

and there we were thinking we were getting rid of you :P
joke joke

Dan said...

ma tafx kemm tibki sena ohra jekk ma jkunx hemm jien....issa tara!

allaboutg said...

Working is fun ta! You get money hehe. But it's good that you decide to continue studying. Although if you decide to do a Masters, I'd recommend that you spend a year working before that because you'll be able to gain a lot more from the course. You need to be able to give back to a course like that and not just absorb knowledge and information. Having reasonable work experience means that you can apply it to events that you actually know about. Then again, it's your decision :) So do whatever you feel is best for you. But don't believe people who say that you won't go back to uni once you've started working. I did it. I went back after working for 2 years and it was the best uni year that I had and a decision that I'm very glad that I took. I still worked part time cos I had a loan to pay off and it wasn't always easy but it was all worth it :) Good luck sweet xx

MINA said...

uff I don't think I'll enjoy uni without you ta...

Dan said...

ill probably be there for the first year to do my masters:) so dont worry :P