Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Apparently blogspot will be out tomorrow at some point, so I thought it best to write something now, since I'm bound to regret it tomorrow then.

First things first: this post will not be remotely interesting or intelligent like the number of surprising intellectual blogs I've read in the last few days (:P....who know who you are).

2. I finished my thesis....completely ie...with the conclusion, and the editing  and just finishing off my bibliography as we speak whilst watching the eurovision, and that's it...I meet my tutor tomorrow...and give it in Friday week. wohoooo

3. Eurovision....well yes, I'm not usually a eurovision person, but the fact that I'm not with Amaira droning on and on about the thing actually made me wanna watch it....and deep deep down down, I do want Chiara to pass...and Win....ehh 

4. I changed by blog background to reflect my current mood and my current favourite I am not a pink person anymore

5. Studying in the fresh air is a good idea and very healthy.....studying in the sun all day long is not, as it will make you totally red and burnt and wil make it very difficult for you to continue studying. Studying photos below....

enough said for now...results are coming out....gluck chiaraaaaaa

Sadattant results are out.....gooooooooooooooo chiaraaaa:):):)



Simon said...

sun is always nice :)
and i didnt watch any of the euro vision except the drummers

MINA said...

the last photo is the best one :P

I like the new layout it's more calming

Dan said...

lol qas haqq l battikata to take that last photo hehe

Krissie said...

Granola! I dreamt about it last night...

Voyager said...

I really like your new background :) coooool!