Monday, May 18, 2009

role playyyy

Hello all,

I'm in a super happy mood at the moment because
a) I actually managed to study today annnd
b) my 4 thesis copies are printed, and are cvurrently lying in my car awaiting binding tomorrow. It currently feels so good to say: The End:D

as promised Nic. Mar and Amaira, here's part 1 of our little role play game. Basically, our Sunday evening was spent firstly at Mc Cafe....having a good old laugh like only we are capable of, followed by greeting Chiara at the airport (that was a coincidence though...ish), after which we proceeded for a ride and stopped next to the chapel of.....? (xjisima nic)...and decided to play the following game. We basically created an impromtu tale...and acted it out, taking photos of every stage. Unfortunately though, my camera's batteries died out before I could actually feature properly but never fear, part 2 will come ....eventually....or maybe it won't, whatever.

The plot in brief, is the proposal and wedding of Nicolette and Karl (all together now......HA HA HA), celebrated by Maria (viva n nies qassisin), with me as the evil bridesmaid who is plotting to steal Karl away......sad I know:P

I'm only uploading one video here since there are so many photos...ill eventually upload the photos somewhere....unless nic kills me first...

but dont kill me too young to die




Voyager said...

Re women priests... I tend not to be against the idea ... but NOT if they allow Amaira to marry nicolette :p
Prosit ukoll lil camerawoman with her priceless commentary...

MINA said...

i'm dying to watch to increase my stalker much ways. but not now no time.. :P

nikki said...

Dan i'm not too happy with the comment!
l-ewwel immalafamajtni (as per conversation lol) u issa qed tibza li ha noqtlok?
heqq - it's true i'm stressed but i won't kill you - I'll just file a data protection suit :P

aa just in case you didn't get it - i'm stressed and panicking this morn - usually only kicks in the night before exam not the week before! enjoy your day

nikki said...

ps i think you're watching too much gossip girl



Dan said...

so true.... xoxo