Monday, February 23, 2009

Viva l-Karnival

It's official: carnival is the most useless and ridiculous holiday out there, and I hate it....HATE IT!!!!
No offence to all you carnival lovers out there, but I see little joy in dressing up as god knows what and parading the streets of Valletta, Hamrun and wherever else looking like an idiot, with loud loud music playing everything from the Macarena to a Happy Birthday rock remix, and Claudette Pace screeching in the background. At least that's what carnival sounds likes from the super thick, many centuries old walls of Sjc, where I happened to be during not one but TWO such carnival afternoons/evenings. And where I am writing at this very minute. aaaaaaaaaaa

Not in the best of mood's today sorry....I don't wanna be in this place (literally, and metaphorically), and I just wanna cover myself with my quilt and continue watching House till I dose off.

On a completely different note, this is for Liana and Matthew....I know you love it and I love it too. I miss you guys. xxxx



nikki said...

beautiful song -

Hamrun? lol i thought you didn't know where that was :P

Dan said...

hamrun isn't in the south of malta...and there's a good chinese takeout ovvja i know where it is...DUHHH

nikki said...

dawk l istereotypes :P

Dan said...

dawk xi jkunu? :P