Friday, February 27, 2009

Lecture stresssssssssssssssss

Geraldine is sitting next to me,

Geraldine is really bored,
Geraldine says she is beautiful,
And I'm thinking: " Oh Lord!"

Becky is on the other side,
Becky thinks we need a life,
Becky wants us to shut up,
And we think she should grow up.

Rachel is also sitting here, 
Rachel is somehow having fun  .... (NOT)
Rachel is playing with the plug
And we're all hoping it brings her luck.

These short verses were brought to you in collaboration with the Euro-Med lecture on this very chilly Friday afternoon, as a result of boredom and the dire need for us girls to get a life. Now I'm expecting comments from Ger, Rach AND Beck (yes's really you); didn't write a poem about myself cos I'm too special, so suggestions welcome:P best post wins a special prize....ha ha ha

much love, on this very boring Friday afternoon,

(and thanks to Ger for sending me the notes I was supposed to be typing whilst writing Ger ibatomli:P)



Rejxil said...
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Rejxil said...

Daniela dear, i do declare
that for such poems you have a flare
of talent, of genious, a stoke of luck
to produce such such words i would be stuck!

here i find myself writing
of your words to me so binding
I find you mentioning my name in vain
Why do you cause me such pain?

Of our becky i do agree
she needs a life as do thee
geraldine so concentrated,
feels by this lesson aggravated!

i will close these lines of mine
remembering that it is now the time
to this lesson to pay attention
as failing exams will cause apprehension!! :P:P

Dan said... speechles....and u win the prize :P....problem is....there IS no prize.

all i can say is muahahhahahaha :P


Rejxil said...

NOOO FAIIIRRR i want my prize!!!

aw ara naqra ta.... what boredom does to you :@

Simon said...

Daniela dear, Rach is right
she does indeed deserve a prize,
but now i will try shed light,
Upon what I see 'fore my eyes.

I see a girl with too much time,
on her hands for her well being,
and instead of one more line,
should look out for who's seeing.

unwanted eyes might be watching,
the production of this rhyme,
the lecturer, is what I’m saying,
might be just biding his time.

come exam time you will see,
when all others will prevail,
just how right I will be
when your result turns out a fail.

So Daniela heed my cry,
pay attention to this session,
because you will surely die,
when you're forces to repetition.

Dan said...

how mean sim! parts of it i mean. still prefer rach's sorry....u DONT win the prize...ha ha ha:P

Simon said...

I dont think i was that mean,
The truth is all that which I said,
you are no longer a teen,
realise what you just read.

decissions must now be taken,
well, with thought and not so foolish,
pay attention to your lesson,
and you'll learn something usefull-ish.

Dan said...

Indeed i feel that you're correct,
And that I might be feeling sour,
But anyway, the fact I feel that I must mention,
Is the lecture has been finished for around an hour:P

poetry rules haha

Simon said...

my words of knowledge you must see,
are really more in general,
time or place do not matter to me,
all lessons where my referral.

Dan said...

ok ok i get it sim....u win the prize.

Simon said...

I thank you for you kind deed,
although that was not my intention,
I only wish that heed,
my suggestion to pay attention

Rejxil said...

daniela saying simon gets the prize
has to me given rise
the need to now complain
that my poetry efforts have all been in vain

i feel the great need to protest
that my poetry entry being the first
requires the great need
for me to get the prize...indeed!!

Daniela now on your hands
you will find you have a mess!
created by lessons dead
as those of harwood's euro-med!

Dan said... both win, tie there is no prize so whatever.

thanks sim and rach for the entertainment....very amusing:)

Simon said...

A prize is given not for time,
of it's publication,
It's given to the poem that
does the more entertainin'

But I'll agree we both did good,
so rach, whoever you are,
I'll gladly share the prize with you
we both are each on par.