Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nostalgia big time

I'm lying under my quilt trying to sleep just now...and a big big bout of nostalgia for the events of last year hits me like a wave. Not really sure why I'm thinking about this now, but I just can't help remember all the stupid, crazy, lovely things we did in the past couple of years, and sadly realise how much life has had to change since then. I have to confess I miss you (ie Mark and MGS) so so so so so so so (you get the point) much....and I'd give anything to rewind back to last year and laugh one good laugh like we used to.


However since we can't exactly turn back time (yet....was watching Smallville yesterday and they do that a you never know, muahaha)...I'm attaching these two videos taken last year, with shit quality and whatever, but which always make me laugh a lot. There are loads of others I could and would post, but I fear some form one students (u min ghandu jifimni, jifimni) might find their way to this blog and then panic will arise...hahaha...

First vid is from the picnic at Delimara last year, and Karl relating his almost abduction story in true Amaira fashion...the censored parts were obviously censored haha

This second vid is from Malc's last birthday and the surprise at SAC we had made him; it's what I call a typical us moment: weeks of plotting and worrying that Malc's gonna find out the surprise we were planning, only to have him completely and utterly oblivious to the very last minute, Mark complete with balloons and me and Matt laughing like two complete idiots. haha ...good times indeed!

And to end this semi-nostalgic, semi-pessimistic blog on a more optimistic, more anticipant note, I can only say this: though it's hard (and believe me it is bloody hard), don't dwell on the good times like it's a bad thing they're gone, but thank God for all the wonderful memories, keep them close to your heart and cherish them, for they have changed your life and will continue to do so forever. And anyway, the separation is only temporary....the laughs will be back...for sure.


Much love,


John said...

:) what a good post Dan :)

Heh it's what happens when most people you know enter final year - not an easy time to enjoy life as we used to!

But better times will come ahead :)

Maria said...


I agree with what you wrote Daniela, it's true, we'll keep on treusuring those moments forever...but in order not to feel lost and clinging to something of the past we need to look to the future !! and also what i believe is that all our experiences are lived in order to prepare us for today and tomorrow ... so we have to thank God for our honest friends...just as you are ... cause without you I wouldn't be the same person ... and this applies to all my close friends!!!


hugs ... God bless our friendships!

Voyager said...

some of you should know that i think of life as a long journey (that's why i chose this nic!)... sometimes ghan-nizla u sometimes ghat-telgha! For me, friends are those who accompany me for a stretch of this life-long journey... and they're what life worth living. We share, we get to know each other, we support each other..then it's time to move on, cause each person must follow his/her own path. Someone once said that one truly loves when he/she is ready to let go of the one he/she loves. Don't know exactly what it means, but to be able to part ways with a friend with gratefulness in your heart, is probably part of the trick! I know it's not easy ... after all i'm quite experienced in this area. But after all, I firmly believe that NOTHING that we've lived together is ever lost. And more importantly, the paths may be different but the destination of our life journeys is ONE... hopefully :p

Dan said...

:) glad to have to people like you all in my life....really and truly:)