Friday, March 13, 2009

baking frenzy

Friday is officially my blog posting day, since I usually have internet access during my 1-3 lecture and use it to indulge in my little blog here. I say usually because we don't actually have the lecture today, so I'm writing from home in the process of checking the oven to make sure my brownies don't get burnt. Because lately I've become cooking-obsessed all over again...and so I've been baking and cooking things to my heart's delight....much to my mother's shock when she sees the kitchen when I'm finished (but I always clean up ta....and plus she enjoys it cos it means she doesn't have to cook herself hehe).
So insomma, I'm making brownies and shortbread for after the 9pm mass tomorrow at who wants to taste, come to mass. hehe
I am sincerely regretting my past two manga posts....I think....I'll know for sure tomorrow evening. I hope that what I'm thinking won't actually occur....sigh.
Also, I've decided to stop worrying...about the future.....when it comes, it will come. (and I'm so cringing at the literal Maltese translation hehe)
that's it for now....some thesis-writing now I hope, and then tonight slumdog millionaire...can't wait.
over and out


Simon said...

uf...tac cajt, if i come it will be for the earlier mass, cause thats what Matt and co are animating...tac cajt

Dan said...

heqq your problem ux:P....insomma if u behave i ll give u one, memmx xtamel :D