Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spit lessons

Nostalgia and sadness are now firmly put behind me, and I'm determined to make the most of what I have around me for now. It's amazing though, how you can be on an all time high one moment, and fall so low the next. 

Today had a marathon of spit, and we played one particular game with two packs of was soooo nervewrecking: one second you think you're getting somewhere, and your pile is slowly vanishing and  BAHM!! one move and you're back where you started all along, or even worse off behind. A lot like life I guess; fun at times, so frustrating at others, makes you mad at everyone else at some points, creates hope and anticipation when you think you're getting somewhere. And then joy, sorrow, defeat when it's all over, possibly even relief. And ultimately you will forget all about it, or you will just remember it but it will lose the significance it had originally. It's amazing what a game of spit can do to. haha. Just for the record, I lost....again.

Must stop philosophising...or however that's spelt. Getting along with thesis's a slow process but taking shape, and if I give it some more effort I'll be write on track where I should be. The trouble is finding the concentration to do it....but somehow...I will:)