Monday, March 23, 2009

it's past midday:S I just woke up! As in, I woke up at 10, took 2 panadols and went straight back to bed....aaaa what is wrong with me???? 

Yesterday I broke my lenten sacrifice....went with parents and bro to Melita...and I couldn't resist....had some pizza. oooo shame on me. I have to really make up for it now. sigh....

tickets for Allo Allo just arrived....we're going to watch it on the 5th of April...and I'm rather excited...should be good:)...been watching youtube videos of the old series and some of them are really hilarious. hehe watch this. 

This week its both Karl and Jess's we should have a relatively nice weekend:)...and then next tuesday its another public holiday, so thats great too (you've just gotta love March).

How sad I realised that since I'm working most of this week I won't be able to go to the ezercizzji at uni after all......I really wanted to go, heard that Tonio Caruana is an amazing speaker. ehh mhemmx xtamel. But lately I've been planning things on the same day, or just not writing things down and forgetting. Like the 5th me and Ver wanted to go to the youth worship at the chapel, but now i went and bought tickets for that day...ehh it cant be helped....i'm growing old and my brain is shutting down. hehe.

enough for now...maybe i actually do something before I go to work.



Simon said...

Lol used to love watching them...
This is the series that came up with the phrase "You stupid woman!"
love it