Monday, March 9, 2009

don't touch my hairbrush

kids learn through stories, colourful examples, song and dance. and since we're really all still kids deep down (well at least I'm pretty sure I am so...), watch the following's so fuzzy and cute, and it has a message. It's so sweet.....

Hello to ann....who kindly sent the link to the vid so that I wouldn't waste time looking for it myself...I promise you to make brownies this weekend and get you some:)


Hellllooooo to kristina who has to endure my presence at the upper reception till 9pm.....she's been complaing since she got I'm guessing I'm the one who's going to do the enduring filfatt....

ha ha ha

so much for lesson learning

i love you

ps im sick at work, hence I'm high...I don't really love anyone in particular apart from my teddy bear and the kids in Egypt and Addis....or maybe I do....but then again maybe I don't....muahahahhahahaa

I'm sick...just endure it!


Ann Fenech said...

Take caaaare of my hairbrush... take careee oh my hairbrush... heq hmm sorry :D

you're welcome dearest :) it's my pleasure to spread the veggie fun-ness :D if u feel like, watch this as well -

Glad to hear you're feeling better! miskina give krisina a bit of a break imma...

maybe see you tomorrow... as usual insomma :D xxx

Dan said...

seeing you tomorrow would mean:
a) i actually wake up at half 6 to go to the 7.20am uni mass (which as I am sick is somewhat unlikely, though not impossible)
b) you wake up at half 6 to go to the 7.20am uni mass (which, since you've been planning and failing to wake up for, for like two months, I'm really not betting on) :P

i'll cu at work in ze weekend okkkk??


Ann Fenech said...

:o i'm offended... i came once this past month... :P i might go to the 12.15 one if u'll be there... dunno yet, hoping to wake up lol but as u well know i dont alwas manage :P

i'm working on sunday... u?

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